TC 465: regions need to speed up development of normative documents in construction


Technical Committee 465 “Construction” is expanding its membership by adding representatives of regional institutions and organizations. This measure will help to take into account the regional peculiarities in the development of federal regulations.

“Membership in the Technical Committee will allow institutions and organizations to participate actively in the development of normative documents for construction sector – both within the framework of implementing state contracts with Rosstandart (Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology), and in the framework of the state contracts of the Ministry of Construction of Russia, implemented by the Federal Autonomous Institution “Federal Centre for regulation, standardization and technical conformity assessment in construction,” said Elena Sierra, Deputy Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation, Chairman of TC 465.

Now the Technical Committee “Construction” is engaged in development of normative documents, requirements for end products of construction – buildings and structures, as well as all elements of buildings and structures: engineering equipment, building structures, construction materials.

In turn, this requires employment of trained professionals with competence in development and examination of normative documents of the construction complex for all regions of Russia, taking into account regional peculiarities and climatic conditions.

The offer to join the members of TC 465 has already been sent to a number of educational institutions of the country – building and technological universities of Belgorod, Penza, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Rostov, Altai, Siberia and other cities.

TC 465 “Construction” also invites organizations and agencies working in the field of its activities, to send their applications for full membership in the Technical Committee. Consolidation of numerous scientific teams’ efforts will qualitatively improve the quality of developing regulations.

It should be recalled that the work of the Technical Committee 465 “Construction” is aimed at the implementation of the priorities of standardization in the field of construction. The Committee works on the basis of the Federal Autonomous Institution “Federal center of price determination in construction and construction materials industry”, subordinated to the Ministry of Construction of Russia.

Leading major scientific and research institutions, educational institutions in the field of construction, public construction organizations and associations have a share in activities of the Committee.

Ministry of Construction of Russia

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