Test Purchase: Developer applies for construction permit for warehouse in Salaryevo


Podium Market Company has submitted the application for construction permit for the warehouse complex class B+ near the metro station Salaryevo of Sokolnicheskaya line.

The procedure of obtaining construction permits takes 10 days. The application is submitted in e-format on May, 24, 2016.

“The electronic format of submission documents via the Moscow portal of state services greatly facilitates this process. Among the other significant advantages of e-document submission – the fact of interdepartmental interaction, which relieves an applicant from the necessity to submit the same documents to different state agencies,” said Eduard Kitsenko, founder of the Podium Market Company.

The warehouse belongs to the category of low-rick facilities, for which the urban-planning legislation provides a simplified scheme of getting approvals and permits. That means the project is implementing without obligatory expert examination of project documentation and state construction supervision.

Today in Moscow the construction of “low-risk” facilities is high in demand by small and medium-sized business. In the past, 2-3 years were required for a construction project of a warehouse, now it takes about a year.

Taking into account all the implemented reforms which lowered administrative barriers, such category of objects can be built in “Nine Steps”. Fashion-retailer Podium Market decided to use this simplified scheme for construction of their warehouse in New Moscow.

It is worth noting that Podium Market has no experience in construction of such facilities. In a co-project with PH “Kommersant” they decided to check the operation of the new system of getting approvals and permits.

The project entitled “Test purchase” has already started. Architects and designers from Podium Market will share their experiences of administrative procedures, provide practical advice and tips on the website of the newspaper “Kommersant”.

The project is set in motion. The developer has already obtained a development plan of the land plot (GPZU). The application for GPZU was submitted electronically through the portal of state services on  March 31, 2016. Thus, GPZU was obtained even ahead of the schedule:- 27 days instead of 30 provided by the legislation.


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