The automated construction control system is used in MMK Skolkovo


The new innovative platform will form executive documentation at the construction facilities of the International Medical Cluster in Skolkovo, said Andrei Bochkarev, deputy mayor of Moscow for urban planning and construction.

“A new module for automatic generation of as-built documentation (ID) has been added to the platform, which is implemented on the objects of the medical cluster. This service will help developers and their contractors reduce the time and costs of preparing documents, quickly correct customer comments and, most importantly, quickly receive payment for their work”, – said Andrei Bochkarev.

According to the deputy mayor, the executive documentation reflects the progress of construction and its duration, shows the compliance of the work performed with the project and contains information about the responsible performers.

“Usually, a huge number of people participate in the preparation and delivery of documents: foremen, engineers, managers and owners of construction organizations. At the same time, documents may be lost, delayed or there may be errors in them. The new module saves the customer’s time and budget for checking and correcting comments and, accordingly, the budget of the construction facility, forms the entire set of as-built documentation by the time the construction is completed, and also helps to report for its pool of work and receive payment for the fulfillment of obligations without delay”, – explained Andrei Bochkarev.

MMK Fund Construction Director Timur Andrbaev noted the advantages of the new information platform module. “It is very convenient that the platform brings all incoming information about the construction progress into one online space. Thanks to this, MMK Fund monitors the receipt of as-built documentation after each work block is completed. All amendments and additions are made and agreed online”, – said Timur Andrbaev.

The platform that was implemented at the medical cluster facilities is Exon’s modular construction management system, the development of the Gaskar Group Group, thanks to which the project team can manage the construction process remotely: generate schedules for each construction unit, maintain EDO, manage the budget, etc. It also includes services for obtaining and analyzing data from drones, smartwatches and identification cards, as well as a marketplace for services for construction.

Source: Moscow Construction Complex

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