The head of the Construction Ministry of the Russian Federation (Minstroy) Mikhail Men reported that «Road map» of Building Information Modeling (BIM) implementation into all stages of «lifecycle» of capital construction facility prepared by Minstroy was signed by vice premier Dmitry Kozak.
The minister reported that events’ plan of information modeling («road map») was prepared according to assignment of President of Russian Federation after the State Council in construction
As the controller of construction sphere we have to create the conditions for BIM implementation. I want to underline that the BIM technologies usage is the new era in construction and operation of the facility. It is not only 3D modeling, it is also the prediction of whole lifecycle of the building down to its utilization. The information about materials characteristics and processes, supplies and future renovation of the facility could be included into BIM- model. Technologies allow checking of all engineering systems and a lot of other features in virtual reality»,- said the Head of Minstroy Mikhail Men.
«Road map» provides a development of national standards of information modeling during the design, construction (reconstruction, major repairs), operation and demolition of capital construction, the aligning of technical documentation and budget standards with the construction resources classification.
«According to experts, the use of BIM technologies only in design and construction will allow to save about 20% of funds. Moreover, BIM use allows reducing administrative barriers and shortening the terms of construction»,- added the minister.
Information modeling- is modern way of construction, equipment and operation of building lifecycle with the help of which the facility is designed as a single set of infrastructure and technological systems and the facility. Information models contain the instruments of cost and risk management, terms of works, and project operation variations. BIM technology not only allows to visualize in 3D format any elements and systems of the facility but also to calculate various options of its configuration, make the analysis of operational characteristics of facilities that helps to find out the optimal decision. As the result the huge amount of remodeling is eliminated, a lot of time and money is saved. The implementation of BIM technologies allows reducing the price of the constructed facility, raising the effectiveness of investments and reducing operational costs.


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