Translation of technical requirements into recommendations will reduce construction time


The transfer of part of the technical requirements in the construction to the category of recommendations will allow you to build faster with the unconditional preservation of safety, said Sergey Levkin, head of the Moscow City Planning Policy Department.

“Currently, technical requirements, as a result of which the requirements of the Federal Law” Technical Regulations on the Safety of Buildings and Structures “(mandatory requirements in construction) are ensured on a mandatory basis, are enshrined in List-1521, which was approved on December 26, 2014. In total, the document contains more than 10 thousand separate requirements for the safety of buildings and structures. Over the past 5 years, this List-1521 has not been significantly adjusted”, – said Sergey Levkin.

The current edition does not correspond to the development priorities of the construction industry, including the introduction of new materials and technologies, taking into account environmental changes, including climate, seismic conditions, and also does not take into account the best practices of competitive standardization systems of the European Union, China, USA, Japan.

Therefore, a new version of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 26, 2014 No. 1521 has been prepared at the federal level, in which a third of construction requirements are transferred to the category of recommendations.

“If List 1521 contained about 10000 mandatory requirements, then in the new document there are 30% fewer. This change will reduce the construction period by 2-3 months for a number of projects, will reduce the number of PSTS being developed, “explained Sergey Levkin, adding that during the updating of the List, the Ministry of Construction of Russia emphasized the reduction of excessive administrative barriers while unconditionally maintaining minimum safety requirements.

With the adoption of this document, the industry will receive a tool for the introduction of new design and construction technologies, the head of the department said.

Earlier, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin announced a 30% reduction in the number of mandatory construction requirements from August 1. Now the structures at the stage of design and construction are subject to more than 10,000 mandatory requirements. After the entry into force of the decree, their number will decrease by almost 3,000 units.

Source: Moscow Construction Complex

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