Two procedures of the state expertise will be combined since 2019


The Russian government has prepared a draft resolution, according to which the subject of state examination of project documentation will include checking the accuracy of determining the estimated cost of construction. These changes should come into force on January 1, 2019.

From this point on, the subject of examination of the project documentation will be not only the verification of the determination of the estimated cost of construction of capital construction objects, but also the assessment of the compliance of the project documentation with the task of the developer or technical customer for design and the following types of requirements:

– requirements of technical regulations,

– sanitary and epidemiological requirements;

– environmental requirements;

– requirements of state protection of cultural heritage objects;

– requirements for the safe use of atomic energy;

– industrial safety requirements;

– requirements for ensuring the reliability and safety of electric power systems and electric power industry facilities;

– the requirements of the antiterrorist protection of the object.

Combining the procedures will simplify their passage for developers: there will be no need to collect a package of documents twice, the delivery time will be reduced (the deadline for determining the reliability of the estimated cost will be included in the examination period), the cost of the integrated service will be lower.

Source: Unified Register of Developers

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