United standards of quality of rendering electronic services will be created in Russia


The Russian government plans to develop digital cloud platforms, on the basis of which typical regional and municipal services will be provided, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said at an on-site meeting of the government commission on digital development. The meeting was attended by Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

“By 2024, 70% of all public services in Russia should be online. Modern technologies allow solving various problems as soon as possible, and such technologies should be available throughout the country. First of all, in remote subjects, ”said Dmitry Medvedev.

To do this, you need to establish uniform standards for the quality of services in electronic form. The Russian government has provided for the development of digital cloud platforms from the federal budget, on the basis of which typical regional and municipal services can be provided, the mos.ru portal reports.

“At the same time, in the next two years, a single designer of electronic application forms will appear on a single portal of public services. This will simplify the launch of typical sites in the regions and in the field, speed up the procedure. Applying and receiving answers on them will be possible using a single technology, that is, speaking the same language, which is very important, ”added Dmitry Medvedev.

In addition, digital services need to be grouped by major life and business situations in order to provide them in a complex.

“For example, by registering the birth of a child, a person can simultaneously find out what new rights and benefits he has gained in connection with the fact of birth, to issue all the required benefits at this very moment,” said the Russian Prime Minister.

25 integrated services have already been approved, on the basis of which work in this direction will be built.

“A number of regulatory acts do not allow the provision of regional and municipal services in electronic form. Requires a person to be present in person. These obstacles, where it is physically possible and corresponds to the very content of the service, should be excluded, ”said Dmitry Medvedev.

The legal framework should not slow down the penetration of digital services in the regions, but on the contrary, stimulate this process.

“We are interested in the authorities and local governments moving to modern standards of flexible software development and primarily using the Russian software,” the Prime Minister concluded.

Source: Moscow Construction Complex

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