Valui: reduction of administrative barriers will help speed up the renovation program


Currently, the renovation program has entered an active stage of implementation. The speed of the program’s implementation depends, first of all, on the volume of “launching sites” and compliance with the terms of wave resettlement, said Andrei Valui, deputy head of the Moscow City Planning Policy Department, during the discussion of the draft law “On the Moscow City Budget for 2020 and the planning period 2021 and 2022” years”

However, according to the official, the implementation of the program can be accelerated. “We see opportunities to accelerate the program by selecting additional “launching ” sites, as well as by continuing to optimize administrative procedures,” said Andrei Valuy.

According to the deputy head of the department, at present, the period of administrative procedures for the implementation of the project from pre-project preparation to putting the facility into operation has been reduced by 505 days.

For this purpose, the procedures for technical connection were excluded at the federal level, the deadlines for setting objects on cadastral registration and registration of rights were reduced. At the regional level, the terms for the issuance of GPZU, the coordination of traffic patterns and pedestrians for the period of work on the roadway, examination of design documentation, etc. were reduced.

Also, from the list of procedures necessary for the implementation of the project in connection with their implementation during the preparation of the territory planning project, the issuance of an AGR certificate, development and coordination of a transport service scheme and 5 procedures in the field of engineering and geodetic surveys are excluded.

Source: Moscow City Planning Policy Department

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