Workshop on energy supervision


The training workshop “Work on mistakes”, devoted to the issues of implementation of energy supervision and supervision in the field of industrial safety, as well as conducting inspections of the implementation of engineering and technical measures took place on March 1.

Lubov Tsvetkova, Chairman of the Board of the Association of Investors of Moscow, Vyacheslav Platonov, Deputy Head of the Directorate for Optimization of Procedures in the Construction Sector of the Moscow City Planning Policy Department, Nikolay Telegin, Deputy Head of the Rosatoniyadzor Technical Center, and Yevgeny Mukhin, Head of the Technical Control and Regulation Department took part in the seminar

Representatives of network organizations also answered questions from businessmen: Irina Kleiman, head of the industrial safety department of MOSGAZ JSC, Alexei Abramov, 1st category engineer at Mosoblgaz, Alexey Shcherbakov, head of the department for technical connections, OEK, deputy head of technical connection department of OEK JSC Sergei Gribkov, Head of the Department for Supervision of the Construction of Heating Stations, Pumping Stations and Distributing Networks of the Technical Supervision Service of PJSC MOEK Sergey Karkashin and other representatives of urssnabzhayuschih organizations in Moscow.

During the seminar, the participants reviewed the issues of passing inspections in the framework of energy supervision and supervision in the field of industrial safety, as well as obtaining permits for admission to commissioning. They also discussed the specifics of commissioning power plants and heat installations and the errors identified by the Gosstroynadzor.

Representatives of regulatory and supervisory authorities spoke about the rules and procedures for construction of emergency and backup engineering systems, as well as obtaining documentation for the construction and subsequent operation of power plants. Also discussed was the change in various technical regulations. According to the participants of the seminar, any such changes require making adjustments to the codes, laws and other regulations. However, such work is not always carried out in a timely manner.

Businessmen were mainly interested in the issues of interdepartmental document circulation and the possibility of simplifying various conciliation procedures.

Representatives of the network organizations told about their work on the unification of the required documents and procedures, as well as the reduction of the terms of coordination and registration of engineering and fuel and energy facilities.

A separate part of the seminar was devoted to the discussion of problems in the processes of registration, registration and operation of gas distribution networks. Representatives from Moscow and Moscow region shared their experience.

Source: Just Build

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