Online system of providing state services in construction works perfect, expert says

The first experience of passing though administrative procedures in construction industry show that the system works quite well, said development director of Podium market company Sergey Boldyrev.

He is the coordinator of the project “Test purchase” – a joint project of the Podium market company and the publishing house “Kommersant”, which was presented on June 30 at the Moscow Urban Forum.

He noted that the Moscow government has adopted a number of decisions aimed at simplifying administrative procedures in the field of construction for low-risk objects in the last few years.

“According to estimates of the city authorities, the object, similar to ours, can be built in 9 steps and 99 days for complying with administrative formalities. Launching our construction project we decided to test how the stated terms correspond with reality. We believe that our joint initiative with the publishing house is a great opportunity to talk about performance of newly established system and its aspects that need improvement,” said the representative of the company.

According to him, the company has successfully passed through three steps out of nine.

“Receiving GPZU (development plan of the land plot) was our first step. We submitted application on March 31, and obtained the documents on April 29 – for three days ahead of time. GPZU already included technical conditions for connection of our warehouse to water supply and sewage networks of Mosvodokanal, which significantly accelerated the pace of development of design and estimate documentation. Submission of all documents was held in electronic format through the portal of state and municipal services of Moscow. It did not require us to any serious effort,” said Boldyrev.

On the second step the company received a construction permit. The application was filed on May 24, and the documents were obtained on June 4 – 2 days ahead of schedule.

“Just today we have completed the third step – we received an order for excavation works and launched preparatory works on the construction site,” said the project coordinator.

Another 6 steps are ahead: conducting of control and geodesic surveying, receiving a random inspection during construction (UATI), requesting for closing order on excavation works (UATI), connection to water supply and sewage systems, requesting and receiving disposition on operation of building (occupancy permit) and getting state registration of ownership.

“Even today, we can sum up the first results: we have managed to pass the first step ahead of schedule established by the legislation. 3 months after the beginning of the process we set up the construction site, and we have every chance to complete the construction of a warehouse complex in the second half of October this year,” noted Sergey Boldyrev.

At the same time, the developers have formulated several proposals for optimization of administrative procedures.

“It is possible to simplify the application process – especially for those who are undergoing this procedure for the first time. It makes sense to create a single information center, which can provide assistance on issues related to submission of documents. Now my colleagues have to call to different municipal agencies in order to get clarification of these matters. In addition, the portal of state services, which is used for e-document flow, can be upgraded with an option to attach documents. It also lacks instructions on filling in applications,” stressed the project coordinator.

Portal of the Construction Complex