Test purchase: Warehouse in New Moscow is more than half completed

Construction of the warehouse complex in the framework of the project “Test Purchase” is more than half completed, said Sergey Boldyrev, Development Director of the Podium Market company which is in charge of construction works.

He noted that the completion of the warehouse is scheduled on October 2016.  “The works have gained a considerable momentum, we meet our schedule,” added Sergey Boldyrev.

It is to be reminded that the Podium Market company has launched a new project in April 2016. The construction project is implementing by the company in the framework of the co-project “Test Purchase”, according to which the developer has to go through all the construction procedures “from a project to an object” in “nine steps”.

A new project of construction a warehouse complex class B+ has launched near the end station Salaryevo of Sokolnicheskaya metro line. Construction is conducted on the area of 1.25 thousand sq. meters. Besides the construction of a warehouse it is planned to create a suburban gardening work space with landscaping of the adjacent territory.

The investor has already passed through 5 stages of the construction project in Salaryevo.

The developer has already obtained the development plan of a land plot (GPZU), the construction permit, the excavation order and examining land surveying results.

The fifth step was the UATI inspection, which was performed in front of journalists on September 22.

Portal of the Construction Complex