Test Purchase: warehouse in Salaryevo inspected by Mosgorgeotrest

The fourth phase of construction of a warehouse complex in Salaryevo in the framework of the co-project “Test purchase” of fashion-retailer Podium Market and PH “Kommersant” was successfully completed.

This project is devoted to administrative procedures in the Moscow construction industry. The warehouse complex is classified as a “low-risk” facility, for which the urban planning legislation provides a simplified procedure of obtaining approvals and permits. Since the Moscow government has carried out reforms to remove administrative barriers in construction of such facilities, it became possible to build them in “9 Steps.” Currently the Podium Market company has passed through 4 stages out of 9.

At the current stage the experts of Mosgorgeotrest verified the compliance of the project design documentation with the existing schemes of underground infrastructure lines.

The next stage implies receiving random inspection during construction, which will be conducted by Union of Administrative Technical Inspections (UATI)

Commissioning of the building is scheduled for October 2016.

It is to be recalled that the Podium Market company decided to build its own warehouse in New Moscow in the spring of 2016.

Processing of documents for the warehouse complex class B+ was held on a fundamentally different scheme than before, allowing the company to save time. For example, the company has applied for GPZU on March 31, and it was ready on April 29. All the documents for GPZU were submitted in electronic format through the portal of state and municipal services of Moscow.

All approvals for construction of the warehouse were received ahead of schedule, saving them 11 days. It became possible due to the fact that each procedure was completed in e-format before the term provided by the law.

Portal of the Construction Complex