Test Purchase: Warehouse in Salaryevo inspected by UATI

The warehouse complex in Salaryevo which is being constructed in the framework of the co-project “Test Purchase” has passed through the inspection of the Union of Administrative Technical Inspectors (UATI).

This was reported by Sergey Boldyrev, Business Director of Podium Market company which is carrying out the construction project. Minor violations have been detected in the course of inspection.

“Debris was found by inspectors near the construction site. Another point is that builders have unwound a coil and left it near the entrance to the site during installation of external engineering communications,” explained Sergey Boldyrev.

He assured that all these violations will be rectified as soon as possible and they do not affect the term of the object construction.

“As of today we have the fully ready pit and the poured foundation. 25 beams were erected, which will be anchored with metalworks. Today we are ordering sandwich panels,” he said. The “Test purchase” project is carrying out by company-builder together with the publishing house “Kommersant” in order to test the passage of administrative procedures for construction of low-risk facilities in Moscow. In view of the reforms undertaken by the Government of Moscow to lower administrative barriers in construction nowadays such facilities can be built in “9 steps“, this simplified scheme saves a lot of time.

The investor has already passed through 5 stages of the construction project in Salaryevo.

The developer has already obtained the development plan of a land plot (GPZU), the construction permit, the excavation order and examining land surveying results.

The fifth step was the UATI inspection, which was performed in front of journalists on September 22.

In fact, this procedure marked the halfway point – the middle of the entire project.

It is to be reminded that the Podium Market company has launched a new project in April 2016. A new project of construction a warehouse complex class B+ has launched near the end station Salaryevo of Sokolnicheskaya metro line. Construction is conducted on the area of 1.25 thousand sq. meters. Besides the construction of a warehouse it is planned to create a suburban gardening work space with landscaping of the adjacent territory.

Commissioning of the building is scheduled for the end of October, 2016.

Stroim Prosto