Test Purchase: warehouse in Salaryevo is halfway through

Half of the works on the construction of a warehouse complex near the village Salaryevo already done. On all stages of construction documents were submitted online via the portal of state and municipal services of Moscow.

The construction project is implementing by the Podium Market company in the framework of the co-project “Test Purchase”, according to which the developer has to go through all the construction procedures “from a project to an object” in “nine steps”.

The procedure for submitting electronic documents has helped to save 11 days, because on each stage the developer – the Podium Market company – obtained the documents before the term provided by law.

For example, the company has got GPZU (development plan of the land plot) (stage 1) for construction of a warehouse complex supplemented with technical conditions of Mosvodokanal (step 2), as well as with information on underground communications from Mosgorgeotrest.

This greatly reduced the term of development of the construction project, particularly the part relating to connection of the warehouse to the central water supply and sewage networks. In addition, the company has received an excavation order (step 3).

The current system also minimizes the interaction between private developers and government officials, as well as provides for interagency cooperation. It is also important that information exchange between the participants of construction market is performing in e-format.

Current on-site activities imply construction and installation works, as well as laying of the foundation. The company has already submitted an application to Mosgorgeotrest for carrying out control land surveying (step 4).

Podium Market company has another 5 steps ahead. It has to conduct random inspections during construction and to apply for closing of the excavation order in the Union of Administrative Technical Inspections (UATI), to connect to water supply networks in Mosvodokanal, to obtain a permit for commissioning a facility on Mosgosstroynadzor and to obtain state registration of ownership of the property in Rosreestr.

Operational commissioning of the building is scheduled for October 2016.

Stroim Prosto