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Ishin Alexander

Vice President of the National Association of Builders

It will be possible to find violators of state contracts in a unified information system


Mosgosstroynadzor and the National Association of Builders are finalizing an information system containing data on construction companies required for procurement. The unified system contains information on execution of contracts and is already used in procurement. Vice-President of the National Association of Builders, NOSTROY coordinator for Moscow, Alexander Ishin, told about advantages of the system and its impact on the industry.

Today, all SROs in Moscow have the opportunity to access the Information and Analytical System for Managing Urban Planning Activities (IAS UGD) of the Department of Urban Planning Policy, which reflects all government contracts of companies on the Moscow market. That is, we see in real time everything that happens to our partners at budget construction sites in Moscow.

Moreover, now NOSTROY is finalizing the Unified Information System, which will include data from Mosgosstroynadzor, the Department of Urban Development Policy, the Department of Construction, NOSTROY, and Moscow SROs. As a result, customers will see a complete picture of each company that works at the objects of the city order: whether it is a member of an SRO and in which one, whether it participates in the contractual obligations assurance fund (ALC) and to what extent, is there an excess, what contracts for what stage it performs. This system is now voluntary to use, but it is made convenient and allows the customer to see all his contractors. In addition, this information is interesting precisely at the stage of concluding a contract: the entire history of the company is visible, which contracts and how it performed, which objects it built. The customer has reliable material for analysis and subsequent decision with whom he will cooperate.

Mosgosstroynadzor is interested in this system because it sees up-to-date information on the membership of contractors in SROs in order to properly interact with self-regulatory organizations after the checks carried out. The new information system will allow Mosgosstroynadzor to immediately upload an appeal to the personal account, which each SRO has. And vice versa, SROs will be able to upload their answers to this system so that Mosgosstroynadzor can quickly see them. That is, we want to reduce huge paper correspondence to operational electronic communication. This is a very good example of introducing digitalization in self-regulation and construction. In addition, both the SRO and the customer will see what instructions the company received and how it followed them. We put self-regulators under control with a large number of comments, we invite managers to the commission, where we jointly find out why the SRO does not respond to appeals, why it does not take effective measures against violators, ” Alexander Ishin said.

Source: ANSB

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