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Tatarinov Alexander

Partner of the consulting group G3

Changes to the city codex will simplify construction procedures


On August 13, a number of amendments to the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation entered into force. In particular, amendments were made to the list of project documentation required to undergo a state environmental review, the provisions of the code on red lines, urban planning zoning, territory planning, as well as activities on integrated and sustainable development of territories were adjusted.

According to the partner of the G3 consulting group Alexander Tatarinov, these changes contribute to the simplification of administrative procedures in construction.

“Most of the amendments are aimed at easing administrative barriers and simplifying procedures related to the application of the norm. In my opinion, these measures will accelerate the work on the development of territories and make it more transparent. Perhaps the legislator should have paid attention to other provisions of the Group of Companies requiring amendments, but in general, innovations can be described as positive and substantiated by practical necessity”, said Alexander Tatarinov.

Source: Lawyer newspaper

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