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Vorozhbitov Alexander

General Director of Metropolis LLC

Alexander Vorozhbitov: for the efficient use of BIM the united Russian standard is needed


The general director of Metropolis LLC Alexander Vorozhbitov said that today in Russia there is no single standard for BIM-design, each company is forced to use its own standards.

“Today, the lack of a common approach and universal standards of BIM-design does not allow to freely build a scheme of interaction at all levels. Practically every company has its own standards. A single standard, definitely, will be created in the future, when everyone will be ready for such an approach, “the expert believes.

The transition to the information modeling of an increasing number of designers will lead to the fact that sooner or later for our country the existing international standards will be adapted, believes Alexander Vorozhbitov.

“I would like to hope that Russian standards will not have contradictions with foreign documents in order to ensure effective interaction in international teams and increase the competitiveness of Russian professional participants in the construction industry both in the implementation of mass and unique high-tech facilities,” he said.

Source: newspaper “Moskovskata perspektiva”

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