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Vorozhbitov Alexander

General Director of Metropolis LLC

Alexander Vorozhbitov: using BIM technologies – step to smart standards


Alexander Vorozhbitov, General Director of Metropolis LLC (the company specializes in designing civil engineering projects) sees the need for using information modeling technologies.

“In carrying out the project of a separate building, we try to take into account all the factors. Today, in no case should we be limited and guided by the requirements of the current and past periods. Certainly, it is necessary to take into account future needs, as well as statistical data, which can be useful for future analysis when managing an object. One of the steps to smart-standards is the use of BIM-technologies, “he said.

The transition to BIM will help to form a kind of database, useful not only for individual users, but also for projecting in the district and city scales, the expert believes. +

“This is a tool that allows you to perform tasks more qualitatively, getting more information about the object. In the future, BIM-technology will allow users to have all the necessary information about the building of the entire life cycle”, said Alexander Vorozhbitov.

Source: newspaper “Moskovskaa perspektiva”

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