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Zaitsev Alexander

Executive Director of the Institute of Urban Planning and System Design

BIM opportunities much wide design


The wide possibilities of BIM-technologies can be used not only in design, but also at all other stages of the building’s life cycle – from examination to operation, said Alexander Zaitsev, executive director of the Institute for Urban Planning and System Design (part of QUITE WHITE).

“BIM technologies are increasingly being used in building design. The advantages of a three-dimensional, constantly updated model are obvious – information modeling gives a clear and comprehensive idea of ​​the process of designing and building an object, in contrast to two-dimensional drawings. If classic design can be compared to a conventional dot matrix printer, then BIM is 3D printing. BIM creates an accurate model that allows the architect to look at the future building from different angles, which makes flaws and shortcomings more noticeable. BIM involves the automation of many calculations and processes – for example, according to specifications and costs, which greatly simplifies the work of the designer and reduces the number of errors that usually appear due to the human factor. For the same reason, it is much easier to make adjustments to the BIM project, ”said Alexander Zaitsev.

However, the expert notes, the possibilities of information modeling are much wider and can significantly facilitate the work of not only designers.

“The use of information models is gaining momentum in Russia. Most designers realized that this is a convenient and useful tool. However, new technologies are still mainly used in design, and this is only 40% of the BIM potential, which makes it possible to manage the project during construction. A full transition to information models is a question of the foreseeable future. Anyone who does not want to go over will remain in the Stone Age”, said Alexander Zaitsev.

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