Experts' opinion

Avetisyan Artem

the director of “New Business” department of Agency of Strategic Initiatives

Term of implementation of investment projects in construction can be reduced by 6–18 months


The implementation period of construction projects may be reduced by 6-18 months depending on the object, if the key innovations proposed by the experts are implemented in the passport of the national project “Housing and Urban Environment”. This opinion was expressed by Artem Avetisyan, Director of the New Business Direction of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

“Different departments are involved in the coordination of construction, and the preparation of documents with their participation requires a lot of time. For example, in order to coordinate construction in the near-aerodrome zone, the developer must submit documents not only to the municipality, but also to Rosaviatsiyu and the administration of a specific airport (the last documents should be submitted personally and in paper form). When transferring the process to an electronic form, time savings will arise due to the acceleration of information exchange between all participants in the process, ”the expert quotes Vedomosti.

Now the developer, in addition to a personal visit to the authorities and offices of resource-supplying organizations, is forced to collect information and documents from various electronic sources: public services portals, EHRIS, a single register of expert opinions and many others. “A single electronic system for interacting with the developer should not only reduce the time of approvals, but also reduce the cost of maintaining duplicate systems,” said Artyom Avetisyan.

Source: “Vedomosti”

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