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Barabanova Olga

Commercial director "Sezar Group"

Electronic governments significantly reduced term of project agreement


All major public services in construction are translated into electronic form in Moscow. According to VCIOM, six out of ten developers who know about reform, note that this had a positive effect on their activities.

Olga Barabanova, Commercial Director, Sezar Group:

From what stands out as “really good”, the electronic design of the GPROM, the application through the portal: 20 days – and the document is issued. Since March last year, this procedure has been significantly simplified.

Coordination of town planning documentation takes from a year to any site. Of course, we, as developers, would like to see the time limits for the movement to be shorter. Primarily due to the reduction of “forced” pauses. When, for example, it takes a day to eliminate comments on a project, and reconciliation with departments may take time, commensurate with re-passing the procedure.

But we are not supporters of total optimization. There should not be a formal attitude to the coordination of projects, on which, by and large, the well-being of people and the city depends. A commercial project is always a dialogue aimed at finding a solution that will meet the interests of business and the logic of the city.

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