Experts' opinion

Batyzhev Yuri

Director of Engineering Systems, STEP LOGIC

BIM becomes a standard for all modern organizations


Over the past 5 years in Russia there has been a significant increase in government and business interest in BIM technology, said Yuri Batyzhev, director of the engineering systems department at STEP LOGIC.

“In fact, it is becoming the standard for all modern organizations. So, in October 2017, Moscow approved a plan for introducing BIM into the activities of the Moscow Construction Complex, and in February 2019 the Ministry of Construction developed and published amendments to the Town Planning Code on information modeling technologies. In particular, the concept “information model of the capital construction object” is introduced into the document, ”said Yury Batyzhev.

The expert believes that the effect of the introduction of information modeling technologies will be noticeable over the next five years.

“The set of measures provided for by the Federal project“ Digital Construction ”should ensure the digital transformation of the industry by 2024. It is expected that the transition to digital construction will reduce the cost of erecting objects by 20% after 5 years. And the time from the decision to build to the commissioning of the facility will be reduced to 30%”, said Yury Batyzhev.


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