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Berlovich Maxim

Head of the Moscow Territorial Administration of the Etalon group

Digital interaction between developers and authorities required for transition to BIM


The head of the Moscow Territorial Administration of the Etalon Group Maxim Berlovich believes that in order to switch to BIM-technologies in construction, coordination of efforts to develop this area between developers and authorities is necessary.

“Today there are not many companies that can afford to invest in R&D and new technologies, but the state creates the conditions for the market to strive for new achievements. I think that within a year BIM will outgrow the status of individual innovations and become a unified industry standard”, said Maxim Berlovich.

The industry is facing the task by 2030 to use new technologies in the construction of reconstruction of at least 65% of objects. However, the expert noted, developers will be able to get a significant effect from information modeling in the next five years.

“If earlier we used the information model only to exclude errors and conflicts at the design stage, now we are already getting the effect at the construction stage. We plan to unleash the full potential of BIM technologies in the next 4-5 years”, added Maxim Berlovich.

Source: Etalon Group

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