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Bibik Stanislav

Partner, Colliers International Russia

Stanislav Bibik: investors most actively invest in construction of offices in Russia


The volume of investments in commercial real estate of Russia will increase by about 30% in 2016 – to 3.9 billion dollars as compared to the previous year, says Stanislav Bibik, the Head of the capital markets department of the consulting company Colliers International.

According to him, the average size of closed deals in 2016 amounted to almost $ 100 million.

“This is almost twice as much as in 2015,” said Stanislav Bibik.

The expert noted that the largest share in the total investment belongs to commercial real estate – $ 2.9 billion (74%).

According to Stanislav Bibik, the retail segment is the least active in 2016, despite the large number of objects for sale. In the hotel sector the situation has not changed during this year.

The expert stressed that Moscow consumes the most share of investments – 84%.

“The share of foreign investment has declined. A year ago it was 18.5%, now it is – 2.6%,” said Stanislav Bibik.
He added that Western investors are less active today. “At the same time, the Arab and Asian players have emerged,” concluded Stanislav Bibik.


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