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Raimond Abu Fadel

Regional Director AECOM

BIM is the flow of information that is necessary to manage


Nine Russian stadiums that hosted the World Cup this year were built using BIM technology. In the future, using ready-made information models, it will be possible to more effectively carry out the reconstruction and operation of these objects.

One of these stadiums was the “Discovery Arena” in Moscow. The international company AECOM received an order for the development of the concept and stage “P” of the project documentation for the stadium in 2009. At that time, the customer had already rejected two projects that had not passed the state examination due to technical solutions and non-compliance with fire safety regulations. It was obvious that in order to successfully pass the examination, while maintaining the budget, it was necessary to change the design approach, explains the AECOM representative.

According to the original plan, the stadium was supposed to hold 35 thousand spectators. However, when Russia won the right to host the 2018 World Cup, the number of seats in accordance with the requirements of FIFA had to be increased to 42,000. “This was not a problem, because in the concept we laid an additional seven thousand seats as temporary ones,” explains Abu Fadel Raymond, regional director of AESOM Russia. “When we changed the task, we simply fixed these places.”

The stadium was designed by BIM technology in Autodesk Revit. “It’s important to understand the difference between BIM and Revit,” says Abu Fadel Raymond. “BIM is not software, it is a stream of information that needs to be managed, and Revit is one of the main tools for working with this information.” As a result, the project successfully passed the state examination, and thanks to the use of BIM, it was possible to save about 20% of the time.

Source: “Stroitelnaya gazeta”

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