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Bogatov Ivan

General Director of JSC "Glavstroy Development"

Ivan Bogatov: Moscow creates clear scheme of dialogue between authorities and developer


bogatovToday it is easier to build and launch development projects in Moscow than in other regions, says Ivan Bogatov, the General Director of JSC “Glavstroy Development”.

“Nowadays there is a clear scheme of dialogue between the authorities and the developer in the capital, which allows determining the collaborative growth areas for the city and the business,” noted the expert.

According to him, consensus between developer and the authorities facilitates the implementation of projects, including the work with social encumbrances.

“The set of support measures which was adopted by the city a few years ago was an unprecedented step,” said Ivan Bogatov.

Among the main adopted measures the expert lays emphasis on the possibility of installment payment for change of permitted use of a land plot and the simplification of procedures for issuing construction permits.

“Today this allowed developers to implement new interesting projects in Moscow. Meaningful support of developers by the authorities encourages investment and promotes  development of the market,” concluded the expert.

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