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Boldyrev Sergey

Development Director, Podium Market company

Sergey Boldyrev: reduction of administrative barriers saves time and money


boldyrevThe construction project of the class B+ complex “Salaryevo” is implemented by the Podium Market in accordance with the Moscow government’s set of measures to ensure the possibility of building a low-risk facilities in 9 steps and obtaining of all necessary approvals and permits in 99 days. Business Director of Podium Market company Sergey Boldyrev gave a speech on the project at the panel discussion “Warehouses: a way out of the financial crisis” on the international investment forum PROESTATE-2016.

He noted that the Podium Market company has no experience in construction of such facilities in Moscow. The company has calculated and compared costs for construction and rental costs of the necessary area, and arrived to the obvious conclusion that it is much more profitable to build a warehouse for their own needs, than to pay for its rent.

“Due to a number of the Moscow government regulations aimed at simplifying administrative procedures for construction of low-risk facilities, today this construction project of the Podium Market has its economic benefits, moreover it is predictable in terms of timing and expenses,” said Business Director of Podium Market company Sergey Boldyrev.

Podium Market expects that the paperwork costs will not exceed 0.9% of the total cost of the warehouse, compared with previously evaluated 2%.

Current on-site activities imply construction and installation works. The company noted that all approvals for construction of the warehouse were received ahead of schedule, saving them 11 days. “It became possible due to the fact that each procedure was completed before the term provided by the law,” concluded Sergey Boldyrev.

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