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Boytsov Alexander

Deputy development director, BONAVA Saint-Petersburg

Alexander Boytsov: introduction of BIM technology reduces error probability


boytsovThe effect of BIM technology depends largely on how you use it, considers Alexander Boytsov, the Deputy Development Director of Bonava, specializing in construction projects in the Nordic countries and St. Petersburg.

According to the expert, the result of the introduction of building information modeling technology is individual in different countries.

“In St. Petersburg, we like to use prefabricated units in construction of multi-storey houses. We have very high quality requirements. Prefabricated elements must come from the factory in the complete set: with network piping for heating, water, electricity,” says Alexander Boytsov.

He noted that a few years ago designers made hundreds of mistakes while creating such panels. However, once BIM technologies were introduced in practice, there were only 36 errors on the first stage of construction project. “Everything was tied to engineering infrastructure. 36 errors against 1000, which were found three years ago in a similar project,” stressed the expert.

Alexander Boytsov said that in order to obtain the maximum effect of BIM, customers need to make the goal clear to contractors.

“Besides that it is important keep a track of the effects of BIM, to train people. Otherwise, BIM software will simply reside on your server, and designers will at best “take out” drawings from it,” concluded the expert.

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