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Chernets Yulia

Project Manager for the construction of social facilities GC "A101"

It is necessary to develop relevant quality standards


In the field of regulatory and technical regulation of the construction industry, it is necessary not only to “cleanse” outdated norms and requirements, but also to develop modern construction quality standards, says Julia Chernets, project manager for the construction of social facilities at the A101 Group.

“Undoubtedly, a significant part of the existing SNiP (building codes and regulations – approx. Agency“ Moscow ”) today seem redundant or clearly outdated. This is reflected in the variety of effective design and engineering solutions, which the regulatory framework, in fact, does not allow to apply. For example, SNiP on building structures does not take into account technological advances in the production of building materials achieved over the past decades. At the same time, it seems expedient to link the adjustment of SNiP with the development of comprehensive quality standards for the performance of work, ”said Yulia Chernets.

Source: AGN Moscow

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