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Tsvetkova Lyubov

Chairman of the Board, Association of Investors of Moscow (AIMOS)

Developers wait for a “One-stop shop” for submitting applications for technical connection


Optimization of procedures for technological connection, the transition to a single application – one of the most anticipated administrative reforms among developers, said at the Moscow Urban Forum chairman of the Moscow Investor Association, Lyubov Tsvetkova

“The Government of Moscow has been working for many years on streamlining procedures in the construction sector. During this time, much has been done. In the beginning, most of the services were transferred to the electronic form. And it was, you can say, a revolution in town planning regulation, because it was simply different in the whole construction market began to live. The next reform, which everyone expects, and which is especially important for me as an operating developer, is “one stop shop” when submitting applications for technological connection” Lyubov Tsvetkova said.

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