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Narinsky Dmitry

professor at the Graduate School of Urban Studies

Dmitry Narinskiy: formats of passing the permitting procedures must be changed


The transition to a notification order for obtaining permission to build and examine projects in the BIM format would allow avoiding duplication of procedures, says Dmitry Narinsky, a professor at the Graduate School of Urban Studies.

“Simply replacing paper with electronic media is a small part of the business. It is necessary that obtaining a building permit bears a notification character. So far, it essentially duplicates the process of obtaining a positive expert opinion on the project documentation. True, if you go to the notification procedure, you will have to strictly control the quality of expertise in non-governmental organizations. This could be done by insurance organizations, which in this case would be responsible for the quality of the object throughout its life cycle, ”said Dmitry Narinsky.

The expert also notes the need for an examination of projects in the BIM format. “We discussed these ideas in ASI, they are in the draft program“ Transformation of the business climate ”. And I hope that these changes will take place in Moscow in the near future, ”he noted.

Source: “Vedomosti”

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