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Voronkov Dmitry

Head of the Department of Monitoring Entrepreneurship Initiatives and Interaction with Business Associations of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI)

Dmitry Voronkov: Moscow experience is used to reduce administrative barriers in other regions of the country


It is required to use positive experience of Moscow for reduction of administrative barriers in construction in whole country, says the  head of the department for monitoring business initiatives and interaction with business associations of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), Dmitry Voronkov

“The work of the Moscow government is obvious. When obtaining construction permits in almost 3.5 times – from 51 to 14 – it was possible to reduce the number of procedures. Also, the terms for obtaining a building permit have been reduced almost twofold – from 423 to 239 and a half days. Using Moscow experience the changes in alignment in other regions would be done. Exhaustive procedures will be excluded”, – said Voronkov.

According to the expert, the goal of the innovations to shorten the time for obtaining a permit for the construction of a multi-unit apartment, optimize and unify the procedures for connecting to gas, electricity and heat supply networks.

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