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Dobrohotova Irina

Chairman of the Board of Directors of BEST-Novostroy

Developers switch to online work


Restrictive measures launched due to epidemiological situation, pushed many developers to creation of their own tools for remote work. Irina Dobrohotova, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BEST-Novostroy, said that their company and partners are preparing to launch a new IT product – Dombook platform for distant work.

According to her, in current situation online services help not to interrupt work with clients. However developers are waiting to return to normal regime of work of public authorities, whose services cannot be obtained distantly.

“Thanks to online work we can support majority of processes: choice of apartment, consultancies, booking, signing and sending a treaty to registration. Without proper work of Rosreestr, notaries, multifunctional centers registration of treaties is under risk”, – Irina Dobrohotova noted.

Source: RBC

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