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Dolgnikov Sergey

General Director of Expert engineering company

Sergey Dolgnikov: the changes into Construction code will allow saving time of developers


General Director of Expert engineering company Sergey Dolgikov supposes that the changes into Construction Code suggested by Minstroy will allow starting of works in construction site even before the construction permit issuance. It will lead to time saving.

“Mobilization and preparation works may take from 3-4 months depending on type of works. It is a serious time period. This time may be used to plan everything, conduct the expertise and prepare all works”, – told he.

Sergey Dolgnikov stressed out that extra time will lead to careful choice of contractor that will lead to the improvement of quality.

“ There will be no rush because the time that is spent to all alignments may be used to do something useful”, – pointed out Sergey Dolgnikov.

He also mentioned that the year that is given for construction permit issuance in new legislation is enough if the developer has required competences.

He also stressed out that the practice of such norms may lead to surprises.

“The idea is good, but there are questions to its realization. Everything depends on the ease of construction permit receiving. If this procedure is difficult then it is more or less the same that we have now” – told Sergey Dolgnikov.

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