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Dromi Aric

Chief Futurologist at Volvo Car Group and founder of tempus.motu

Aric Dromi: major cities need to be “reloaded”


aricdromiThe largest cities of the world which include Moscow, could face difficulties as it is very important to upgrade and expand the existing infrastructure so that it could meet the needs of the younger generation. And this task isn’t easy, says Chief Futurologist at Volvo Car Group and founder of tempus.motu Aric Dromi.

“Digital movement will replace physical one. If we do not succeed in reloading, major cities may become a city of the “third” world in next 30 years. Emphasis should be put on mobility, on energy, on data transfer and communications,” the expert believes.

According to Aric Dromi, Moscow launches a large-scale and impressive projects in order to enhance city mobility. Among them there is a project of construction of transportation hubs (TPU).

“However, projects that are based only on the physical reality will not be as efficient as possible. A city needs transportation hubs, but not only transportation, it needs digital mobility hubs. It needs to create hybrid projects now in the short term, connecting digital capabilities of artificial neo-intelligence, mixed reality and physical assets. And I think that would be the most smart thing Moscow can do right now, it they want to create a space to scale and move forward,” concluded the expert.

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