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Fedorov Valery

General director of VCIOM

Moscow developers well know about changes in construction regulation


The general level of awareness of representatives of the industry on reforms in the field of construction regulation is quite high. These results were revealed by VTsIOM in the course of the annual study “Administrative barriers in construction through the eyes of Moscow developers”.

“The level of awareness among Moscow developers about the transfer of the main public services to the electronic form is 66%, which is two thirds of the entire sample. 56% of developers are aware of the provision of services for connecting to engineering networks in electronic form via the portal” said Valery Fedorov, director general of the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center.

Valery Fedorov also noted that a significant part of the surveyed developers (44%) have seen improvements in the procedures for interaction with the executive authorities of the Moscow Construction Complex since 2015.

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