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Ignakhin Kirill

CEO of Level Group

New technologies help control security on the construction


Technologies that help control safety at construction sites are becoming increasingly popular among developers, said Level Group CEO Kirill Ignakhin.

The head of the company shared his experience of using the biometric system of personnel access to the site. Fingerprint entry allows you to control the presence of workers at the facility, and to exclude access by unknowns.

“This helps to avoid, say, the admission of illegal workers that a contractor can hire. If such a builder is discovered by a state audit, the developer will have to pay a huge fine. Thanks to the biometric access system, we completely excluded the likelihood of such stories on our sites”, said Kirill Ignakhin.

There are other “smart” control systems, including those with elements of artificial intelligence, which will also be useful to HR departments of construction companies for analyzing staff productivity.


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