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Kazinets Leonid

Executive chairman of the Barkli corporation, President of the National Association of Property Developers

Leonid Kazinets: Moscow and the Moscow region created fair conditions to support investors in times of crisis


In Moscow and the Moscow region there are favorable conditions for investment and construction business, considers the executive chairman and the owner of the Barkli corporation Leonid Kazinets.

According to him, as a result of a well-aimed policy of the city authorities the topic of administrative barriers in the construction industry is not included in the list of urgent problems of Moscow’s real estate developers.

“It is noteworthy that there is no consolidated investment environment in the country. A great deal depends on the heads of federal subjects and the possibilities of the regions themselves. Moscow and the Moscow region are doing their best to support business and investment, but in other regions the situation is very serious”, said Leonid Kazinets.

He noted that a series of legislative proposals designed to support the real economy, particularly the construction industry are preparing in cooperation with the city authorities.

In the words of Leonid Kazinets, creation of a simple and clear mechanism for adoption of urban planning decisions gives a guarantee to developers and confidence in the future. “Nowadays it is possible to predict the business processes in the future, this is by no means unimportant in such areas as construction”, he stressed.

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