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Kirsanov Andrey

MR Group, Deputy Director General

Andrey Kirsanov: Calculator of procedures is meaningful initiative for all developers


kirsanovThe service “Calculator of Procedures” related to construction turns out to be a meaningful initiative for all the capital’s real estate developers, said the Deputy General Director of MR Group Andrey Kirsanov.

“It is important that every step of project approval is supported with the necessary regulations. Keeping in mind the name of this service we hope that in the future a developer will be able to evaluate not only the number and the term of procedures, but the approximate amount of investment in this or that stage,” noted Andrey Kirsanov.

The calculator is available on the information resource of information-analytical management system of urban development “Personal Account of Developer” (i.e. Cabinet of Developer) at Now it is accessible to individuals and legal entities registered on the Moscow state services portal.

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