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Kiryanov Oleg

Head of the architectural and construction direction of the CAD system "System soft”

Bim technologies will save up to 20% of construction cost


Two years ago, the Ministry of Construction of Russia prepared a roadmap for the implementation of information modeling technologies (BIM) at all stages of the life cycle of a capital construction project. And if the Russian architectural bureaus and design institutes are already using BIM-technologies, not lagging behind their foreign colleagues, then directly at the construction site this is still far away, said Oleg Kiryanov, head of the architectural and construction direction of CAD software from System Software.

“You have to agree that it is difficult to imagine a construction site on which high-tech drones fly, security sensors are installed, and employees must carry tablets with them. Moreover, there is still no clear understanding of what to do with all the data of the information model during construction, and even more so during the operation of buildings and structures. The development is also hampered by the outdated regulatory framework, the lack of state BIM standards and national classifiers, ”the expert notes.

BIM-model is not just a beautiful visualization of the future object. It accumulates all information about the object, allows you to detect, analyze and eliminate problems even before construction begins, to optimize the joint work of all participants in the construction process and thereby accelerates the

“According to our calculations, the use of BIM technologies only in the process of design and construction will save 20% of funds for the construction of the object, reduce administrative barriers and reduce construction time” says Oleg Kiryanov.

The expert stressed that the implementation of BIM is equally interesting for commercial companies and government agencies. “Of course, in the first place, information modeling is interesting for investors of commercial facilities, the requirement to use this technology is increasingly appearing in the conditions of tenders. And this is natural – thanks to BIM, construction becomes transparent, it becomes possible to determine the exact cost of construction and the timing of the project. The BIM is interesting to the state because the technology minimizes corruption in the construction of objects for low-cost money” Oleg Kiryanov concluded.

Recall that in order to modernize the construction industry and improve the quality of construction, the Government of the Russian Federation should ensure the transition to a life-cycle management system for capital construction objects by introducing BIM technologies until July 1, 2019. The corresponding instruction was given by President of Russia Vladimir Putin.


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