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Koltashov Vasily

Head of the Center for Political Economic Research, Institute of the New Society

Reduction of bureaucracy of processes facilitated business in Russia


Reforming administrative procedures and de-bureaucratizing the economic sphere makes doing business in the country easier and, as a result, Russia’s position in the Doing Business ranking is growing, says Vasily Koltashov, head of the Center for Political Economic Research at the New Society Institute.

The expert noted that in general the situation with conducting business in Russia is improving, and the World Bank was essentially forced to admit it.

“The rating itself will not lead to any boom in investments and investments. But it largely reflects the fact that actions aimed at the de-bureaucratization of certain processes in commercial activities have taken effect and facilitated the conduct of business. This has been noticed and noted. On the other hand, the economic situation in Russia in recent years and this year has remained good. And from the point of view of doing business, she was very comfortable. You could even start a business in some new profiles. And all this was reflected”, said Vasily Koltashov.

Source: National News Service

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