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Korol Marina

Deputy Chairman of the Russian branch of buildingSMART

Digitalization will increase labor productivity in construction


The introduction of digital technologies will increase labor productivity and make the construction process more transparent, said Marina Korol, deputy chairman of the Russian branch of buildingSMART, head of the training and certification committee of the National Association of Consulting Engineers in Construction.

“Digitalization should be viewed not as another challenge, but as a tool to improve labor productivity and make the process more transparent. Traditionally, it is believed that BIM technologies are beneficial to use in design, at the stage of construction and installation work. However, according to the most advanced approaches in this area, it is recommended to actively use the “digital” and at the stage of practical use of the constructed buildings, structures and infrastructure facilities. This approach will give significantly greater benefits and advantages, ” Marina Korol said.

According to the head, it is possible to assess in advance the socio-economic and environmental consequences of the appearance of an object, as well as to check its actual operational characteristics for compliance with requirements and standards, thanks to the organization of information flows in the forward and backward directions during the life cycle.

“Of course, the quality of the created and consumed information, the processes of its verification and providing access to it to all participants in the construction are of paramount importance. These processes can be organized by following the recommendations of international standards for information management based on information modeling of the ISO 19650 series. You can also use the actively developing open data standards buildingSMART, some of which are accepted as GOSTs, ” Marina Korol said.

Source: SRO website

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