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Kosareva Nadezhda

President of the Institute for Urban Economics Foundation

Barriers in construction reduced in Moscow


Over the past years, the number and timing of administrative procedures in Moscow has significantly decreased, and it has become much easier to implement construction projects. All this was reflected in the Doing Business-2020 rating, told RBK the President of the Institute for Urban Economics Foundation, a member of the Public Chamber of Moscow Nadezhda Kosareva:

– Ten years ago, to obtain permission to build such a simple facility, it took several years to complete hundreds of approvals. In Moscow, during this period both the number and the duration of administrative procedures were significantly reduced, including literally from scratch an information environment was created that made it possible to convert many procedures into electronic form. These reforms yielded results: today, Russia’s position in the ranking of building permits is already comparable with countries such as the United States and Great Britain.

I note that this is still not worth stopping at. We still have the opportunity to improve our positions, including through the further use of great potential in the field of digitalization of state and municipal services in construction. In addition, while Russia receives zero points in terms of evaluating measures to ensure financial guarantees to owners of constructed facilities in the event of significant hidden defects after putting the facilities into operation. The task to solve this problem has already been set.

And most importantly, I would like to emphasize that any rating is just an excuse to start real actions and a reflection of their result. And the result is obvious – unreasonable barriers to the implementation of construction projects have been reduced in Moscow. In many cities and regions, excessive administrative barriers to construction have also been reduced. But justified barriers should always be, because they provide the safety and quality of construction.

Source: RBK

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