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Kosareva Nadezhda

President of the Institute for Urban Economics Foundation

Nadezda Kosareva: reduction of administrative pressure promotes growth of housing market  


President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the May decrees of 2018 set the task to increase the index of the provision of housing for citizens. To achieve high quantitative results in this sphere is impossible without qualitative changes in the regulation of the industry, says Nadezhda Kosareva, president of the Institute for Urban Economics.

“At the same time, various tasks have been set: the withdrawal from the old model of shared construction, the modernization of technologies and the improvement of construction quality, the reduction of administrative barriers, the effective use of land, the development of a comfortable urban environment and the creation of effective mechanisms for relocating citizens from unfit housing. Such qualitative tasks are aimed at a radical change in the relations that have developed in recent years in the sphere of housing construction, “said Nadezhda Kosareva.

The expert believes that these measures should lead in the future to the formation of a “civilized” market, but this will take time. “On the one hand, state support for the construction of standard housing, reducing the administrative burden and improving the efficiency of land use are conditions that will contribute to the growth of housing construction. On the other hand, the transition to new schemes for financing housing construction, the ban on obsolete technologies, and even more, construction with a focus on a comfortable urban environment will require a reboot of the industry for more than 6 years, “Naseda Kosareva explained.

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