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Kosareva Nadezhda

President of the Institute for Urban Economics Foundation

Nadezhda Kosareva: system of cooperative housing societies needs upgrade


kosarevaIt is necessary to improve the system of cooperative housing societies (CHS), it will help citizens to solve their housing problems, said Nadezhda Kosareva, Head of the Commission in the field of housing policy of the Public Council under the Russian Ministry of Construction, President of the Foundation “Institute for Urban Economics”.

“Creating such cooperative societies should be based on the experience of western countries. There a citizen-member of CHS is not an owner of a constructed residential property, a house is in the ownership of the society-legal entity,” said Nadezhda Kosareva.

According to her, the concept of upgrading the legal regulation of cooperative housing societies has been already developed. The draft of necessary amendments to the legislation will be prepared before the end of the summer.

“The development of cooperative housing societies will make housing affordable for people with average income (including citizens on the waiting list and other privileged categories) due to lower construction costs, it will also help to reduce the risk of unsold new homes, lower risks for citizens, investing in construction of housing, as well as create a single apartment control center,” she concluded.

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