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Kosareva Nadezhda

President of the Institute for Urban Economics Foundation

Unified consolidated plan of underground communications make the life of developers easier


The Unified Master Plan for underground utilities and facilities, the data from which is also included in the GPZU, is available to Moscow developers in electronic form. Nadezhda Kosareva, president of the Institute for Urban Economics, said that this significantly simplified the life of construction companies, since earlier general information about the state of underground communications in Moscow had to be requested from a single source, Mosgorgeotrest, and only then specify information on different districts and network organizations.

“But even they did not always have accurate information. And getting it was a big headache: the documents were stored in paper form, often the information about the communications contradicted each other. It was all very long and, accordingly, expensive” the expert emphasizes.

To translate the service into electronic form, Stroykompleks specialists digitized a paper archive, which included more than 300 thousand documents describing the underground space of the capital, accumulated since 1944. As a result of this work, the cadastre of the underground space of Moscow was formed, which contains information on the types and location of both existing and projected underground utilities and facilities.

Source: Expert online

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