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Kotrovsky Dmitry

Partner of the company Khimki Group

Dmitry Kotrovsky: The implemented e-document management program reduces the time and financial costs of construction companies


Introduction of electronic document management in the process of obtaining permits for construction has led to a decrease of the corruption risks and transparency of decision-making system of the authorities, says partner of the Khimki Group Dmitry Kotrovsky.

“In the recent years the situation with registration of permits in the construction industry has certainly improved. E-document management results in a transparent scheme of city-planning decision-making, and therefore, it gives some guarantee for the business”, – said Dmitry Kotrovsky.

He stressed that a great stride forward was made towards the creation of a level playing field in the construction market in Moscow.

“Of course, businesses always have questions how to speed up this or that procedure, and how to find a compromise, but the whole system is well-functioning and clear”, – he said.

According to him, today there is an opportunity for investors to predict the actual timing of various processes in construction.

“Now it is possible to predict more or less clearly how much time is necessary for a particular procedure, and consequently, it is possible to shape a certain financial strategy of the company”, – he said.

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