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Kravtsov Yury

General Director of JSC Mosinzhproekt

Digital model is necessary for uniting construction participants


Introduction of a smart digital model will let automate construction management system and increase its efficiency. Its creation will take about two years, Yury Kravtsov, general director of JSC Mosinzhproekt, thinks.

“We are talking about usage of a building intelligent model. We need a dynamic informational model which will include all participants of construction and that let create network graphs taking into account several thousand event a day and many other indicators that influence all manufacturing processes. Moreover, this system creates a route for passing al stages”, – Yury Kravtsov said.

The expert noted that the digital model is a system of construction processes automation that can calculate and offer different options of design, construction and even procurement.

“This model will calculate various options and offer a choice, a specialist will take the final decision. It will take about 2 years to create such a model”, – Yury Kravtsov added.

Source: Interfax

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