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Krylova Ekaterina

Director of Association of Moscow Investors

Ekaterina Krylova: e-services has added to facilitation of developer’s work


Krylova_ekLowering administrative barriers in construction sector has made developer’s work definitely easier in the city, said Ekaterina Krylova, director of Association of Moscow Investors.

“Many administrative procedures related to construction industry have become more transparent. Some of them lost their complexity, others have become clearer, and some were even revoked,” said Ekaterina Krylova.

According to her, transfer of state services in construction to electronic format has added to facilitation of developer’s work.

“It eliminates the need of personal communication of officials and applicants and thus it saves time. However, taking into account my personal experience and experience shared by my colleagues, I can say that the e-document flow often deprives a developer of the opportunity to get feedback. As a result, you can lose time due to some insignificancies. Sometimes the system experiences technical failures, so it has to be finalized. And if we talk about the need for feedback, then of course it is particularly important in work with grid organizations,” noted Ekaterina Krylova.

She also added that inclusion in the GPZU (development plan of a land plot) technical conditions for connecting to utility networks, and information about the underground structures and facilities was a step in right direction.

“Of course, it is early to say that everything is perfect and there are no problems. I am glad that the city authorities do not stop the work on simplification administrative procedures and take balanced decisions on the further removal of barriers,” concluded Krylova.

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