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Kudryavtsev Petr

"Citymakers" bureau partner

Pandemic changed design concepts


The pandemic has proven the relevance of the course chosen in Moscow to create urban spaces that are comfortable for everyday life. According to Petr Kudryavtsev, a partner of the Citymakers bureau, the capital has successfully coped with the external circumstances that have arisen, and the trend towards integrated development and the creation of comfortable and diverse public spaces will continue in the future.

According to Kudryavtsev’s observations, not only Moscow, as a city, coped with difficult external circumstances quite successfully, but all those who were somehow connected with the city withstood this blow.

“We see that not only small and medium-sized businesses have somehow adapted to the difficult economic situation, but also big business is beginning to live according to new rules. The basic understanding of the design of comfortable spaces in Moscow and Russia is actively changing, as well as attitudes towards involving direct users in the processes of creating new spaces and new educational formats”, the urbanist believes.

Source: RIA Novosti.

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